December brings ideal weather, festive spirit, and abundant nature to the vibrant beach town of Jaco on Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast. Sunny days with cooler evenings create perfect conditions for enjoying the outdoors. The transition between the wet and dry seasons creates excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. The holiday mood adds extra flair and excitement to this tropical destination.

Visiting Costa Rica’s beaches in December offers an exquisite blend of warm weather, cultural festivities, and a wealth of activities, making it an ideal time for an unforgettable beach vacation in this tropical paradise.  Experience the best of the December Holiday Season at Jaco Beach and Oceano Suites and Residence. Where better to farewell the year and welcome the next?

Costa Ricans love the December festivities, and homes are decorated with lights, Christmas trees, and adornments. The air fills with the aromas of traditional dishes including tamales, cakes, and eggnog. This means December bursting with the holiday season´s colors, flavors, and scents.  Costa Ricans also decorate their homes and businesses with beautiful nativity scenes called Portal de Belén and often include local elements like tropical plants, animals, and traditional adobe homes.

There’s no better place to soak up all the magic of Jaco in December than Oceano Suites and Residence. This modern hotel provides direct access to the beauty and adventure of Jaco Beach. They offer stylish suites with five-star amenities, onsite dining, and easy walking to local restaurants, shops, and attractions. Welcome to 5 Reasons December is the perfect time to stay at Oceano Suites and Residence.

1. Sunny Beaches with Cool Breezes

December brings mostly dry, sunny days to Jaco, with high temperatures around 87°F which cool refreshingly in the evenings. The moderate climate means you can spend full days lounging on the beach before the breeze picks up. Enjoy the local beaches along the stunning Central Pacific coastline, then relax poolside with a chilled cocktail in the afternoon at Oceano Suites and Residence´s refreshing pool. You’ll enjoy the best of beach life in December in Jaco.  

With sunny days and cool breezes, the water temperatures in December are the perfect complement. The Pacific waters around Costa Rica are comfortably warm in December, inviting beachgoers for swimming, snorkeling, and various water sports including fishing.  Warmer water brings more small fish which in turn attracts the larger fish that consume them, so December brings great conditions for a day of fishing!

2. Excellent Wildlife Watching

December falls in the transitional period between wet and dry seasons, which brings bountiful birds and wildlife to the Central Pacific region. Carara National Park and Manuel Antonio National Park near Jaco offer prime territory for spotting scarlet macaws, toucans, monkeys, sloths, and many more exotic species.

Sign up for a mangrove river cruise to spot crocodiles or a zip-lining tour, keeping your eyes peeled for colorful birds fluttering through the forest canopy. Ask the tour desk at Oceano Jaco for more information about wildlife-watching tours.

3. Holiday Festivities

Get into the festive spirit by joining Jaco’s holiday celebrations in December. The annual Jaco Christmas parade and tree lighting takes place in December bringing color, costumes, and music to the streets. On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, gather with new friends from around the world. The holiday season is about family, friends, and gratitude in Costa Rica, and Jaco is no exception.

For many Costa Ricans, December is beach time, so Jaco is filled with holidaygoers enjoying the warmth and sun at the beach. Jaco Beach offers proximity to the Central Valley, shopping, and hotels like Ocean Suites and Residence that perfect for families. Where better to celebrate the end of the year and welcome the new one than at the beach!

4. Culinary Experiences

Delight your taste buds with the authentic flavors of Costa Rican cuisine. December brings a fresh abundance of seasonal produce, allowing you to savor delectable dishes at local eateries or within the comfort of Ocean Jaco’s culinary offerings.

Costa Ricans love food, and the holiday season brings new flavors and traditions to the dining tables. It is the perfect time to try the tamale which is made from corn flour stuffed with vegetables, potatoes, and a savory meat filling such as pork or chicken, wrapped in plantain leaves and then steamed. This is a family affair where everyone plays a part in the creation of this traditional December meal.

5. Big Surf and Stunning Sunsets

For surfing, December brings sizable swells to Jaco Beach’s shores. Even beginners can catch manageable waves. The best sets roll in during the early hours before the wind picks up, so register for a surfing lesson and hit the water at sunrise.

Playa Jaco is a great beach for surfing beginners and has several reliable surf schools whereas the next beach south is Playa Hermosa. It is an officially designated World Surf Reserve and a seasoned surfers paradise so choose your surfing beach based on your level during your stay in Jaco in December.

Stunning sunsets over the Pacific Ocean are also daily treats for visitors at Jaco Beach. The clear skies during this time create a canvas of vibrant colors that paint the evening sky, providing a perfect end to a day at the beach.  Once the sun disappears, the summer nights begin and are the perfect backdrop for the New Year’s Eve fireworks that light up the sky capturing the spirit of the season, Costa Rican-style at Play Jaco.

With its convenient location, stylish suites, refreshing pool, onsite dining, and fabulous service, Oceano Jaco Suites and Residence lets you make the most of sunny December days and festive nights. With ideal weather and loads of holiday fun, Jaco shines in December. Book your stay and get ready to experience the best of the December Holiday Season at Jaco Beach.