Jaco Beach makes an idyllic home base for exploring some of Costa Rica’s most iconic destinations and natural wonders. When you stay at the Hotel Oceano Suites and Residence, just a short walk from Jaco’s spacious beach, you’ll have easy access to incredible day trips. The hotel’s central location along the Pacific coast provides a perfect jumping-off point for adventures to waterfalls, volcanoes, national parks, and more.

So, after some leisurely days on the beach or by the hotel pool, if you’re looking to venture beyond the confines of Jaco Beach and discover the diverse landscapes and cultural treasures that await, here are five unforgettable and epic day trips to consider during your stay at Hotel Oceano Suites and Residence:

1. Manuel Antonio National Park (1 hour 30 minute drive)

One of the must-visit spots in Costa Rica is the jewel of Manuel Antonio National Park. This small but immensely biodiverse reserve packs rainforest, beaches, trails, and abundant wildlife into just under 5 square miles. Stroll the pristine white sand beaches looking for sloths, iguanas, monkeys, and colorful crabs scampering through the forest. Follow trails to dramatic cliffside viewpoints looking over the turquoise ocean. Don’t miss a chance to take a guided tour to maximize your wildlife sightings.

Only an hour and a half from Jaco, Manuel Antonio National Park makes an easy and unforgettable day trip. During your leisurely yet wildlife-filled walk, cool off with a refreshing dip in the park’s crystal-clear waters and relax on the picture-perfect beaches located within the park. With its unparalleled natural beauty and diverse ecosystem, Manuel Antonio National Park offers a day of adventure and discovery that’s not to be missed. It is a definite best one-day tour from Jaco Beach. 

2. Carara National Park (30 minute drive) 

This often-overlooked gem offers excellent bird watching and wildlife viewing in a transition forest between the dry northwest and wet central regions. Carara National Park´s mix of habitats means you can encounter everything from crocodiles to scarlet macaws in a relatively small area. Popular trails lead past waterfalls, rivers, and lookout points over the forest canopy.

The park offers several trails, all offering wonderful birdwatching opportunities making it a popular stopover for bird lovers. According to the data, Carara has registered 420 species of birds which represents nearly 50% of the total bird species registered in Costa Rica. It also has nearly 500 plant species including over 40 endemic species.

It also has a 1.2-kilometer universal access trail with signage in English, Spanish, and Braille, sculptures of animals found in the park, and an auditive system among other facilities. 

3. The Damas Island Mangroves, (1 hour drive)

This natural wonderland is situated along Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast near the popular tourist destination of Jaco Beach, is awaiting to be explored. This unique ecosystem encompasses a network of winding waterways, dense mangrove forests, and lush tidal estuaries, creating a haven for a diverse array of plant and animal species. Visitors can embark on guided boat tours through the mangroves, gliding silently along the tranquil waters while observing the rich biodiversity that calls this habitat home.

Keep your eyes peeled for sightings of exotic birds, such as herons, kingfishers, and egrets, as well as wildlife like monkeys, sloths, and caimans that inhabit the mangrove forests. As you navigate through the narrow channels and hidden lagoons, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for the vital role that mangroves play in supporting coastal ecosystems, protecting shorelines, and providing a habitat for countless species.

A visit to the Damas Island Mangroves offers an unforgettable opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of one of Costa Rica’s most important and fascinating natural environments and the best one-day tour from Jaco Beach. Ask at the Oceano Suites and Residence Tour Desk about this nature-filled tour. 

4. Arenal Volcano National Park (3 hour drive)

For adventure seekers, the iconic Arenal Volcano deserves a spot on your Costa Rica bucket list. Take a day trip from Jaco (about 3 hours each way) to see this famous conical volcano and explore the wealth of activities in the surrounding area. Join tours for hiking across old lava fields, walking over hanging bridges through the rainforest canopy, soaking in natural hot springs, white water rafting, canyoning, and so much more. Even if you just have a day, you’ll get a taste of the wonder that makes the Arenal Volcano so alluring.

The towering 5,437 ft Arenal Volcano is Costa Rica’s most popular, set within the Arenal Volcano National Park. This incredible geological wonder has awed visitors with its picture-perfect shape and occasional lava flows and ash explosions. While currently sleeping, guided hikes around the base introduce you to Arenal’s geological history and the lush ecosystem that’s flourished after past eruptions. 

Don´t forget to experience the rejuvenating waters of the area’s hot springs, where you can relax and unwind amidst the stunning natural scenery before heading back to Jaco Beach. 


5. Tortuga Island Catamaran Tour (1.5-hour boat ride from Jaco Beach)

For a true tropical island escape, take a day cruise to the pristine volcanic isle of Tortuga, located about 12 miles off Jaco’s coast. After a scenic 1.5-hour catamaran ride, you’ll pull up to Tortuga’s powdery white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Located in the Gulf of Nicoya, Isla Tortuga is a favorite one-day tour from Jaco Beach.

Spend the day swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking the island’s trails, or simply relaxing on one of the beach lounges. The catamaran tours typically include a delicious lunch plus beverages to keep you hydrated seaside. On the journey back, look for dolphins, whales, and marine birds as you sail into the sunset. This is an essential day trip to unplug and lose yourself in island paradise vibes. 

Isla Tortuga promises a day of relaxation and adventure in one of Costa Rica’s most breathtaking natural settings.

 With its location just steps from the beach in downtown Jaco, Hotel Oceano Suites and Residence provides unbeatable convenience for booking day tours and activities. Their staff can easily arrange transportation and tours for day trips to natural wonders like Manuel Antonio, Carara, Tortuga Island, and more. Or navigate the countryside at your own pace with a rental car to see icons like Arenal Volcano. Let the Oceano Suites and Residence Tour Desk give you the best options to enjoy these 5 Best One-Day Tours from Jaco Beach. Which one is your favorite?